TAV “primeclass”

TAV “primeclass” offers exclusive Assist- CIP-VIP assistance services at the airports, before and after flights, through its professional team of employees as well as a wide range of other services provided during flight to present a comfortable and privileged travel experience.

TAV “primeclass” combines Turkish hospitality and professionalism and provides service to the passengers who prefer comfort and speed, expect privilege and require special attention (disabled, unaccompanied child, transit passengers, etc.).

TAV “primeclass” offers;

  • Greeting at the entrance of the airport or at flight gate by an exclusive assistant,
  • Porter services,
  • Exclusive assistance during all flight and security transactions,
  • Fast tracks,
  • Enjoying the time prior to your flight at the lounges.
  • The service is completed once you are accompanied by your exclusive assistant to the flight gate/terminal exit.

For further information & booking: 0850 222 25 75 - www.primeclass.com.tr